Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Skiing in Austria

I like this picture. It's outside our hotel near the snow fields.

This is Lipno. Some of Prague's ski hills. Too small for us so we travelled to Austria.

On our way to the mountains

Wez and I geared up on the ski field

Jana teaching me a few things

An artistic one

Me snow-ploughing it down the hill. Or I like to say "going the extreme pidgeon toe"

Monday, 21 February 2011

Hluboka (a Chateau) and Cesky Krumlov (a small town)

This is on a wall at Hluboka Chataeu where we had our first stop of the weekend.

In the courtyard, filipe and I compared heights

No explanation necessary

Wez trying to be an angry guard

Welcome to my winter home

Now to Cesky Krumlov.... a world heritage listed little town. Very Beautiful.

Wez, Loz, Filipe, Jana and lots of red roofs. 

Near the puppet museum

View from Cesky Krumlov Castle

Us again

Night time in Cesky Kromlov Fairyland

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Loz's Adventure with Jana to Petrin

Jana and I on the Cable car to Petrin which is a parky area on the hill in Prague.

A Picture from the cable car on the way up the hill

The Eifel Tower....Or not!! But it's close :)

Towers taken from the Eifel tower.

Too many Croissants??

No...it was all a bad dream...He he :)

In the mirror labrinth
On top of the hill at Petrin

On the first of May Petrin becomes a haven for couples in love who wish to kiss under a blossoming tree and have a picnic. This is the czech alternative to Valentines Day. This is the statue of the founder of this tradition.

@special Post@ Exhibition #2 "Play" @the Mannes Gallery

Wez in his element making music with a plunger...So that's why he does plunging at home! Oh no...thats because of our dodgy plumbing.

The wall of ever changing "Art" and the foam block corner.

The music making bike. Wez's next project at home??

The side of the tunnel of boxes

Wez in the tunnel of boxes

The most popular with the kids. The rolling ball machine.

A view of the main exhibition space

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Snap shot of Wez's Puppet Project

This is Michaela (Puppet master) with one of the 20 puppets being built for this project.

Wez and Michaela looking at the plans and the wood in the early stages of the project

Wez working on the Head in the early stages

Michaela showing Wez some tricks of the trade at her apartment.

Testing the head with the unfinished body...Still too big!

The master and apprentice  conferring about how it it looking and what to do next.

 Still a way to go...It's a race against the clock!!


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Karlstein Castle

Hello, I'm King Charles. I'm the most important king in Czech history. I welcomed Loz and wez to my Castle on Sunday.

Jana and Filipe took us to visit Charlie's special castle.

The king and Queen of Sevo