Monday, 31 January 2011

Night time fairyland

The last few nights we have been out exploring. It's beautiful at night. Enchanting really.

This is at the river near our apartment.

Prague castle at night

The next night we ventured out to Old Town Square
This is the Astronomical Clock

View from the top of the tower

Old Town Hall Tower staircase

Saturday, 29 January 2011


I had been holding off showing photos of the apartment because i didnt have any good shots but today i managed to get some.

The safe in the wall?!

I've never seen so many elaborate light fittings in my life!

The other side of the big room

View from our window in the morning

Fire place

Toilet and...other toilety thing...What is that???


sunny room :)

WHAT??? bed??...Im not showing the beds...Yes thats plural...2 singles pushed together...not comfortable...I MISS MY BED :(

Friday, 28 January 2011

Day 2/3 - Exploring

I was ready to leave for a day of adventure,thanks to Bel's awesome coat and beanie. What a midgit!

We ventured out to a cafe for breakfast. I had a French meal which included latte, fruit salad,croissant,toast with condiments, bread basket and cake. Wez delighted in the English breakfast which was eggs and Bacon and stuff. Food is cheap!

Then a snap of Prague from the riverbank.

Our first meeting with Michaela

When we arrived Michaela (wez's puppet master) had made us some traditional christmas bread and tea and we had a chat with her and her Son, Arthur, who is a designer in London.

This was the view from Michaela's apartment window when we arrived on Tuesday.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

These images are taken at Dubai airport. I wanted to get the palm trees. Dubai is a strange and seemingly plastic world. The airport is massive. Also this is Wez after 15 hours of plane travel.zonked!

Everything Air- Day 1

Today we left the scorching summer days of Sydney and started our long long Journey. Here is Wez in the Emirates plane #1. We thought it was very comfy and had an excellent entertainment system built into the back of every seat. I watched 2 movies and spent the rest of the time listening to various albums of music from David Guetta to Mozart. So you can imagine the variety.