Saturday, 29 January 2011


I had been holding off showing photos of the apartment because i didnt have any good shots but today i managed to get some.

The safe in the wall?!

I've never seen so many elaborate light fittings in my life!

The other side of the big room

View from our window in the morning

Fire place

Toilet and...other toilety thing...What is that???


sunny room :)

WHAT??? bed??...Im not showing the beds...Yes thats plural...2 singles pushed together...not comfortable...I MISS MY BED :(


  1. The other toilety thing is a bidet - great for rinsing out clothes and washing sandy feet in after walking around the pyramids, as I did in 2005! Although that is not what it is really used for...

  2. You really need to put a large painting of some sort over the safe- just sayin'
    -Liz King :)